Volunteers Wanted!

The Wyoming Liberty Index is looking for a few good people! Do you want to make a difference in Wyoming politics? Help us rank Wyoming politicians by rating the bills they vote on.

Wyoming Liberty Index volunteers read bills (and portions of the statute they affect), and rate bills according to their effect on liberty. All the materials you need are available on line. There is extensive documentation to help you along. Other raters are glad to answer questions.

What does it take to be a rater for the Wyoming Liberty Index? If you are fairly conservative or libertarian, and are politically active in Wyoming, you probably qualify.

Some questions you may have.

How many bills do I have to rate?
As many as you'd like. Currently, only one rater makes a point of rating every bill in each session, but you may have time and energy constraints. That's fine.
Do I have to be an expert?
No! If an every day medium information voter on the street with a reasonable education has problems understanding a bill, it may be too obscure, and should be rated as such. If you have expertise in a subject, great: use it.
Do I have to agree with other raters on any issues?
Heavens, no! This is the Wyoming Liberty Index, and disagreements are fine.
What are some of the likely issues?
Nothing is safe while the legislature is in session. But here are some of the issues we are likely to see: education, Second Amendment, crony capitalism, the Game and Fish Department and WYDOT funding models, and professional licensure.

How do I become a bill rater? Look this web site over, and see if you might fit in. If so, contact the project lead, Charles Curley.

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