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Paul Bonneau

The Wyoming Liberty Index was created in 2003 by Paul Bonneau.

Bonneau was born in Wisconsin and raised there and in various other states. In 1968 he joined the Marine Corps for 4 years, and was stationed in Hawaii as a repairman for the Marine Tactical Data System. He earned a bachelor's degree in Physics from the University of Oregon in 1976.

Bonneau spent his working life on and off in various aspects of computer manufacture, service, software and hardware design, typically for startup companies. He had his own one-man company for a few years. At times he got out of computer work and tried other things like home building or starting a farm co-op.

Politically, Bonneau was born into the Democrat fold, later joined the Libertarian Party and became state Treasurer of the Oregon LP for a while. He now believes the LP to be strategically unhelpful in advancing liberty, thinking such people should be in the major parties. He is now a member of the Republican Party but does not agree with the many liberty-harming policies promoted by that party at the national level.

Bonneau first became interested in Wyoming through volunteer work for the Free State Project. He later shifted to working on the Free West Alliance. He's also associated to some extent with "Boston T. Party's" outfit, Free State Wyoming. Formerly living near Cody, for family reasons, he no longer lives in Wyoming.

Charles Curley

Charles Curley has lived in Wyoming for almost 20 years. He worked for Barry Goldwater's presidential campaign in 1964. In 1971, he helped found the National Committee to Legalize Gold, which legalized gold bullion and coins minted after 1934 for American citizens.

Charles lives in Thermopolis, where he is active in Republican Party politics and supports the right to keep and bear arms.

Don Wills

Don, age 61 (2011), moved to Wyoming in 2006 for all the typical reasons - no state income tax, wide open spaces, few people and a history of support for liberty. Don's political history includes support for the Ron Paul Revolution and the Libertarian Party. After having served as chairman of the Wyoming Libertarian Party, Don left the LP because he came to understand that his political philosophy of limited government was incompatible with radical nature of the Libertarian Party. Don is an organizer of the (now defunct) Wyoming Liberty Fest and is working to build a new, non-radical alternative to the GOP called The Country Party.

Contact info for the Wyoming Liberty Index

Contact Charles Curley if you have suggestions, comments, questions (and yes, we are interested in them), or would like to volunteer to rate bills. Please include "Wyoming Liberty Index" in the subject line.

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