Wyoming Liberty Index 2016 Bill Status Report

Bill report compiled May 1, 2016 11:00:40.

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BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0001General government appropriations-2.See Mirror Bill SF0001 02/29/2016Yes
HB0002Electric vehicle decal.Governor Signed HEA No. 0005 03/01/2016Yes
HB0003Marihuana possession.H Failed Introduction 20-39-1-0-0 02/09/2016 
HB0004Minimum wage.H Failed Introduction 9-49-2-0-0 02/09/2016 
HB0005Prohibited question on job applications.H Failed Introduction 10-48-2-0-0 02/09/2016 
HB0006Return of victim's property held as evidence.S Failed 3rd Reading 03/02/2016Yes
HB0007Medical marihuana reciprocity.H Failed Introduction 21-37-2-0-0 02/09/2016 
HB0008Property assessment test rules.Governor Signed HEA No. 0021 03/04/2016Yes
HB0009Tribal license plates.S Did Not Consider for Introduction 03/02/2016Yes
HB0010Clean water revolving fund amendments.Governor Signed HEA No. 0001 03/01/2016 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0011Energy producing states coalition extension.Governor Signed ; Bill Assigned Chapter Number 03/04/2016Yes
HB0012Mountain lion trapping.H Failed Introduction 34-24-2-0-0 02/09/2016 
HB0013Public records-student communications.Governor Signed ; Bill Assigned Chapter Number 03/04/2016Yes
HB0014Asset forfeiture-3.H Did Not Consider in CoW 02/19/2016 
HB0015Education-school safety and security.H Failed Introduction 26-32-2-0-0 02/08/2016 
HB0016Federal funds reduction contingency planning.S Did Not Consider for Introduction 03/02/2016Yes
HB0017Collection of antlers and horns.S COW:Failed 02/29/2016Yes
HB0018Wolves and grizzly bears-limited state action.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 4-5-0-0-0 02/29/2016 
HB0019Statewide student assessment.Governor Signed ; Bill Assigned Chapter Number 03/11/2016Yes
HB0020State public purpose investments-reporting.Governor Signed ; Bill Assigned Chapter Number 03/03/2016 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0021State public purpose investments-revisions.Governor Signed HEA No. 0053 03/11/2016Yes
HB0022Shipment of manufactured wine.Withdrawn by 02/12/2016 
HB0023Coal severance tax credit.Withdrawn by 02/10/2016 
HB0024Game and fish-special management permits.H Did Not Consider for Introduction 02/12/2016 
HB0025County resolution-feeding wildlife.H Failed Introduction 26-33-1-0-0 02/09/2016 
HB0026Wyoming Money Transmitter Act-investments.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 4-4-1-0-0 02/29/2016 
HB0027Legislative oversight.Governor Signed ; Bill Assigned Chapter Number 03/04/2016 
HB0028Cease and transfer program local government funding.Governor Signed HEA No. 0011 03/03/2016Yes
HB0029Revisor's bill.Governor Signed HEA No. 0049 03/04/2016Yes
HB0030Obsolete laws.Governor Signed ; Bill Assigned Chapter Number 03/04/2016 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0031Uniform Securities Act.Governor Signed ; Bill Assigned Chapter Number 03/03/2016Yes
HB0032Insurance regulation parity.Governor Signed ; Bill Assigned Chapter Number 03/03/2016Yes
HB0033Insurance-audited annual financial reports.H Failed Introduction 27-31-2-0-0 02/08/2016 
HB0034Insurance-corporate governance annual disclosure.H Failed Introduction 36-22-2-0-0 02/08/2016 
HB0035Pharmacy benefit manager regulation.Governor Signed HEA No. 0018 03/04/2016Yes
HB0036Livestock dealers.Governor Signed HEA No. 0031 03/04/2016Yes
HB0037Controlled substances.H Failed Introduction 39-19-2-0-0 02/08/2016 
HB0038Property offenses.S:Died in Committee 03/01/2016Yes
HB0039Enhanced speeding fines-amendments.Governor Signed HEA No. 0017 03/04/2016Yes
HB0040Operation of watercraft under influence of alcohol.S Did Not Consider for Introduction 03/02/2016Yes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0041Omnibus water bill-construction.Governor Signed HEA No. 0032 03/04/2016Yes
HB0042Fuel tax revenue-restriction.S:Died in Committee 03/01/2016Yes
HB0043Concealed weapons-military applicant.Governor Signed HEA No. 0022 03/04/2016 
HB0044E911 task force.H Failed Introduction 32-26-2-0-0 02/08/2016 
HB0045Deferred compensation automatic enrollment amendments.Withdrawn by 02/22/2016 
HB0046Investment of worker's compensation account.Governor Signed ; Bill Assigned Chapter Number 03/03/2016Yes
HB0047Refugee resettlement plan accountability.S Did Not Consider for Introduction 03/02/2016Yes
HB0048State spending and revenues-public reports.S Did Not Consider for Introduction 03/02/2016 
HB0049Abandoned vehicles-2.Governor Signed HEA No. 0051 03/11/2016Yes
HB0050Appropriation for the legislature.Governor Signed HEA No. 0048 03/04/2016Yes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0051Local government distributions.Governor Signed HEA No. 0054 03/11/2016Yes
HB0052School facilities appropriations-3.Governor Signed HEA No. 0012 03/03/2016Yes
HB0053Special districts task force.Governor Signed HEA No. 0050 03/04/2016Yes
HB0054Treasury offset program statutory reference amendments.Governor Signed HEA No. 0008 03/03/2016 
HB0055Nurse Licensure Compact-1.Governor Signed HEA No. 0002 03/01/2016Yes
HB0056Advanced Practice Nurse Licensure Compact.Governor Signed HEA No. 0003 03/01/2016Yes
HB0057Upper payment limit program-private hospitals.Governor Signed HEA No. 0024 03/04/2016Yes
HB0058Human trafficking-forfeiture of property.Governor Signed HEA No. 0045 03/04/2016Yes
HB0059Health care-statutory compliance.Governor Signed HEA No. 0004 03/01/2016Yes
HB0060State health facility missions-statutory compliance.Governor Signed HEA No. 0019 03/04/2016Yes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0061Small business innovation research-matching funds.H Failed Introduction 24-35-1-0-0 02/09/2016 
HB0062Wyoming Money Transmitter Act-digital currency amendments.S Did Not Consider for Introduction 03/02/2016 
HB0063Health Care Facility Receivership Act.Governor Signed HEA No. 0020 03/04/2016Yes
HB0064Monthly payment of ad valorem tax on mineral production.Withdrawn by 02/22/2016 
HB0065Fiscal information in legislation.H Failed Introduction 37-21-2-0-0 02/09/2016 
HB0066Retired firefighter's license plates renewal.Governor Signed HEA No. 0016 03/04/2016 
HB0067Senior center meal sales tax exemption.Governor Signed HEA No. 0015 03/04/2016 
HB0068Daylight saving time.H Did Not Consider for Introduction 02/12/2016 
HB0069Unlawful dissemination of an intimate image.S:Died in Committee 03/01/2016Yes
HB0070Abortion amendments.H Did Not Consider for Introduction 02/12/2016 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0071Governmental claims-circuit court.S:Died in Committee 03/01/2016Yes
HB0072Student assessments-optional participation.H Failed Introduction 25-33-2-0-0 02/09/2016 
HB0073Suspension or dismissal of teachers for felony prosecution.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 0-9-0-0-0 02/29/2016 
HB0074Upper payment limit program-public nursing homes.Governor Signed HEA No. 0046 03/04/2016Yes
HB0075Professional licensure boards.Governor Signed HEA No. 0036 03/04/2016Yes
HB0076Designated caregiver.Governor Signed HEA No. 0027 03/04/2016Yes
HB0077Electronic assessment forms.Governor Signed HEA No. 0047 03/04/2016Yes
HB0078Involuntary commitment-detention options.H Failed Introduction 22-30-8-0-0 02/10/2016 
HB0079Recall of elected officials-commission run municipalities.H Did Not Consider in CoW 02/19/2016 
HB0080Community college budget request recalibration.Governor Signed HEA No. 0029 03/04/2016Yes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0081Drug court surcharge.Governor Signed HEA No. 0039 03/04/2016 
HB0082Termination of employment wages-time limits.S Did Not Consider for Introduction 03/02/2016Yes
HB0083Property tax catastrophic event.H Failed Introduction 33-26-1-0-0 02/11/2016 
HB0084Catering permits.Governor Signed HEA No. 0030 03/04/2016 
HB0085Medical education funding.Governor Signed ; Bill Assigned Chapter Number 03/04/2016Yes
HB0086Wyoming repeal Gun Free Zones Act.S Did Not Consider for Introduction 03/02/2016Yes
HB0087School finance-nonresident attendance.Governor Signed HEA No. 0033 03/04/2016 
HB0088ETS-zero based budget sunset.Governor Signed HEA No. 0007 03/03/2016 
HB0089Driver's license endorsements-revisions.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 4-5-0-0-0 02/29/2016 
HB0090School finance-transportation.H Failed Introduction 34-26-0-0-0 02/10/2016 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0091School finance-average daily membership.H Failed Introduction 30-30-0-0-0 02/10/2016 
HB0092School finance-regional cost adjustment.H Failed Introduction 20-40-0-0-0 02/10/2016 
HB0093Housing authority.H Failed Introduction 33-19-8-0-0 02/10/2016 
HB0094Wine at public auditoriums and events centers.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 4-5-0-0-0 02/29/2016 
HB0095Abandoned gift certificates and value cards-sunset repeal.Governor Signed HEA No. 0042 03/04/2016 
HB0096Abandoned mine land funds-2.H Did Not Consider in CoW 02/19/2016 
HB0097Wolf depredation compensation.Governor Signed HEA No. 0052 03/11/2016Yes
HB0098Government Nondiscrimination Act.H Failed Introduction 39-20-1-0-0 02/11/2016 
HB0099Article V convention limitations.H Failed Introduction 35-23-2-0-0 02/11/2016 
HB0100Felony unlawful possession of controlled substances.H Failed Introduction 33-26-1-0-0 02/11/2016 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0101Approved depositories for public funds.S Did Not Consider for Introduction 03/02/2016 
HB0102Big game animals-harassment and disturbance.H Failed Introduction 11-48-1-0-0 02/11/2016 
HB0103Recording legislative and other meetings.H Failed Introduction 34-24-2-0-0 02/11/2016 
HB0104Food freedom cooked meat products.S:Died in Committee 03/01/2016Yes
HB0105ABLE Act.S COW:Failed 02/29/2016Yes
HB0106State lands-camping.H Failed Introduction 27-32-1-0-0 02/11/2016 
HB0107Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act.Governor Signed HEA No. 0038 03/04/2016Yes
HB0108Foreign LLC-operation in Wyoming.Governor Signed HEA No. 0014 03/04/2016 
HB0109Sentencing enhancement-bias motivated crimes.H Failed Introduction 10-49-1-0-0 02/11/2016 
HB0110Cannabidiol medication.H Failed Introduction 28-30-2-0-0 02/11/2016 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0111Wage transparency.H Failed Introduction 20-38-2-0-0 02/11/2016 
HB0112Resident hunting and fishing-vehicle registration.H Failed Introduction 36-23-1-0-0 02/11/2016 
HB0113Governmental immunity-waiver for health care facilities.S Did Not Consider for Introduction 03/02/2016 
HB0114Public assistance-eligibility.Governor Signed HEA No. 0043 03/04/2016 
HB0115Death penalty repeal.H Failed Introduction 21-39-0-0-0 02/11/2016 
HB0116Health care access improvement grants.H Failed Introduction 33-25-2-0-0 02/11/2016 
HB0117Pesticide applicator certification program funding.Governor Signed HEA No. 0040 03/04/2016 
HB0118Foster care and permanency-additional requirements.Governor Signed HEA No. 0041 03/04/2016Yes
HB0119Campaign finance reporting-time limits.H:Died in Committee 02/29/2016 
HB0120Capitol building rehabilitation.H Failed Introduction 26-33-1-0-0 02/12/2016 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0121Reporting of abortions.H Did Not Consider for Introduction 02/12/2016 
HB0122Electioneering-amendments.H Failed Introduction 27-32-1-0-0 02/11/2016 
HB0123State funded capital construction-2.H Did Not Consider in CoW 02/19/2016 
HB0124Wyoming bullion depository.H Did Not Consider for Introduction 02/12/2016 
HB0125Low production oil and gas well tax exemption.H Did Not Consider for Introduction 02/12/2016 
HB0126Public land access.H Failed Introduction 7-52-1-0-0 02/12/2016 
HB0127Insurance-small employer definition.Withdrawn by 02/22/2016 
HB0128Livestock investigations.H Failed Introduction 23-35-2-0-0 02/12/2016 
HB0129Controlled substances-2.H Failed Introduction 31-29-0-0-0 02/12/2016 
HB0130Juvenile detention facility-definition.Governor Signed HEA No. 0034 03/04/2016 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0131Optional sales tax on food.H Failed Introduction 15-44-1-0-0 02/12/2016 
HB0132Strangulation of a household member.H Failed Introduction 24-36-0-0-0 02/12/2016 
HB0133Essential and emergency medication task force.H Failed Introduction 29-30-1-0-0 02/12/2016 
HB0134Involuntary commitment-gatekeeper pilot program.H Did Not Consider in CoW 02/19/2016 
HB0135Restrictions on public benefits.H Failed Introduction 26-33-1-0-0 02/12/2016 
HB0136Lauren's law.H Failed Introduction 33-26-1-0-0 02/12/2016 
HB0137Controlled substances-disposal.Governor Signed HEA No. 0035 03/04/2016Yes
HB0138Child health insurance program amendments.S:Died in Committee 03/01/2016Yes
HB0139Protection orders-service.H Failed Introduction 6-54-0-0-0 02/12/2016 
HB0140Attorneys at law amendments.Governor Signed HEA No. 0044 03/04/2016Yes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0141Attorney liens.H Failed Introduction 39-20-1-0-0 02/12/2016 
HB0142Transfer of federal lands.H Did Not Consider for Introduction 02/12/2016 
HB0143Game road kill.H Did Not Consider for Introduction 02/12/2016 
HB0144Denturists-2.H Did Not Consider for Introduction 02/12/2016 
HB0145State obligation recovery.H:Died in Committee 02/29/2016 
HB0146Solid and hazardous waste management rulemaking.H Failed Introduction 29-31-0-0-0 02/12/2016 
HB0147Game licenses-fees and allocation.H Did Not Consider for Introduction 02/12/2016 
HB0148Security for on deposit public funds.H Did Not Consider for Introduction 02/12/2016 
HB0149Supplemental assistance-school food service operations.H Failed Introduction 21-38-1-0-0 02/12/2016 
HB0150Nonresident employer bonding requirements.H Did Not Consider for Introduction 02/12/2016 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0151Tax on lodging services.Withdrawn by 02/22/2016 
HB0152Definition of marihuana.H Failed Introduction 28-32-0-0-0 02/12/2016 
HB0153Sales tax on automobiles.H Failed Introduction 7-52-1-0-0 02/12/2016 
HB0154Restoration of voting rights-waiting period.H Did Not Consider for Introduction 02/12/2016 
HB0155Out-of-state prisoners.H Did Not Consider for Introduction 02/12/2016 
HB0156Property damage threshold for police reports.H Did Not Consider for Introduction 02/12/2016 
HB0157Sales tax exemption-rodeo tickets.H Failed Introduction 13-46-1-0-0 02/12/2016 
HB0158Hathaway scholarship eligibility for noncitizens.H Failed Introduction 13-46-1-0-0 02/12/2016 
HB0159Big and trophy game combination hunting licenses.H Did Not Consider for Introduction 02/12/2016 
HJ0001Labeling for genetically engineered items.H Failed Introduction 33-25-2-0-0 02/08/2016 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HJ0002Kenny Sailors-Naismith Hall of Fame.Governor Signed HEJR No. 0002 03/04/2016Yes
HJ0003Balanced budget amendment resolution.H Failed 3rd Reading 02/23/2016Yes
HJ0004Gray wolves and grizzly bears.Governor Signed HEJR No. 0001 03/04/2016Yes
HJ0005Sovereign authority against federal action.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 2-6-1-0-0 02/29/2016 
HJ0006Constitutional term limits.H Failed Introduction 14-45-1-0-0 02/12/2016 
HJ0007Constitutional amendment-overturn supreme court decisions.H Failed Introduction 14-45-1-0-0 02/12/2016 
HJ0008Wyoming and the federal union.H Failed Introduction 20-39-1-0-0 02/12/2016 
HJ0009State militia-constitutional amendment.H Did Not Consider for Introduction 02/12/2016 
HJ0010Procurement investigation.H Did Not Consider for Introduction 02/12/2016 
HJ0011Procurement investigation-2.H Did Not Consider for Introduction 02/12/2016 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
SF0001General government appropriations.Governor Signed ; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0031 03/04/2016Yes
SF0002Attorney general opinions-legislative request.H Did Not Consider in CoW 02/29/2016Yes
SF0003Permissive preference for veterans in private employment.Governor Signed SEA No. 0063 03/11/2016Yes
SF0004Military service member protections.Governor Signed ; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0031 03/04/2016 
SF0005Pesticide education funding.S Failed Introduction 15-15-0-0-0 02/08/2016 
SF0006First judicial district-number of district judges.Governor Signed SEA No. 0043 03/04/2016 
SF0007Landfill remediation priority list.Governor Signed SEA No. 0003 02/29/2016 
SF0008Bicycle and pedestrian system task force.Governor Signed ; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0031 02/29/2016Yes
SF0009Railroad quiet zones.Governor Signed SEA No. 0032 03/04/2016Yes
SF0010Firearms-exemption from execution.Governor Signed SEA No. 0013 03/01/2016Yes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
SF0011Youth challenge program.Governor Signed SEA No. 0012 03/01/2016 
SF0012Vietnam War commemoration-2.H COW:Failed 02/26/2016Yes
SF0013Severance tax distributions.Withdrawn by 02/10/2016 
SF0014Student data privacy and transparency.S postponed indefinitely 03/04/2016Yes
SF0015Hathaway scholarship eligibility.Governor Signed SEA No. 0016 03/01/2016 
SF0016Fireworks-prohibition.S:Died in Committee 03/01/2016 
SF0017Notice of mineral property transfer.H postponed indefinitely 02/29/2016 
SF0018Competitive bid specification requirements.Governor Signed SEA No. 0046 03/04/2016Yes
SF0019Public funds investing.Governor Signed SEA No. 0014 03/01/2016Yes
SF0020Sales and use tax remedy revisions.Governor Signed SEA No. 0023 03/04/2016Yes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
SF0021Mineral tax archaic provisions.Governor Signed SEA No. 0011 03/01/2016 
SF0022Hunting penalties.S Failed Introduction 14-16-0-0-0 02/10/2016 
SF0023NRC agreement state amendments.Governor Signed ; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0031 02/29/2016Yes
SF0024Supplemental at-risk funding for early childhood education.H COW:Failed 02/26/2016 
SF0025Hathaway scholarship program-award increase.S:Died in Committee 03/01/2016 
SF0026Lapsing of appropriated funds-amendments.Governor Signed SEA No. 0007 02/29/2016Yes
SF0027Appraiser's lien.S Failed Introduction 17-13-0-0-0 02/10/2016 
SF0028Carbon capture, storage and sequestration permit.Governor Signed SEA No. 0026 03/04/2016Yes
SF0029Legislator participation in state benefit plans.Governor Signed SEA No. 0010 03/01/2016Yes
SF0030Initiative review process.Governor Signed SEA No. 0017 03/04/2016Yes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
SF0031Omnibus water bill-planning.Governor Signed SEA No. 0027 03/04/2016Yes
SF0032Alternative school accountability.Governor Signed SEA No. 0064 03/11/2016Yes
SF0033Vehicle registration-shell businesses.H COW:Failed 02/25/2016Yes
SF0034Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act.Governor Signed SEA No. 0025 03/04/2016Yes
SF0035Referendum-circulator payment.S Failed 3rd Reading 02/12/2016 
SF0036LLC member and manager liability.Governor Signed SEA No. 0045 03/04/2016Yes
SF0037Boards and commissions party affiliation.Governor Signed ; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0031 03/15/2016Yes
SF0038Data management policies.Governor Signed ; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0031 03/04/2016Yes
SF0039Cease and transfer priority list.Governor Signed SEA No. 0041 03/04/2016Yes
SF0040Abandoned mine land funds.Governor Signed ; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0031 03/15/2016Yes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
SF0041State funded capital construction.Governor Signed SEA No. 0029 03/11/2016Yes
SF0042Occupational Therapy Practice Act.Governor Signed SEA No. 0060 03/11/2016Yes
SF0043Workforce Investment Act statutory reference amendments.Governor Signed SEA No. 0031 03/04/2016Yes
SF0044Obsolete statutory language-health care.Governor Signed ; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0031 03/04/2016Yes
SF0045Rural health care districts-authority.Governor Signed SEA No. 0048 03/04/2016Yes
SF0046Asset forfeiture-1.Governor Signed ; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0031 02/29/2016 
SF0047Juvenile sex offender-risk assessment.Governor Signed SEA No. 0015 03/01/2016Yes
SF0048Criminal justice-reform.S Did Not Consider in CoW 02/19/2016Yes
SF0049Direct primary care-insurance exemption.Governor Signed SEA No. 0004 02/29/2016 
SF0050Sexual assault-position of authority.H Did Not Consider in CoW 02/29/2016Yes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
SF0051Post-conviction actual innocence.S COW:Failed 02/18/2016Yes
SF0052State shrub.Governor Signed SEA No. 0039 03/04/2016 
SF00532016 Large project funding.Governor Signed SEA No. 0037 03/04/2016Yes
SF0054Appropriations to local governments-codification.S Did Not Consider in CoW 02/19/2016Yes
SF0055Licensure board powers.S Did Not Consider in CoW 02/19/2016Yes
SF0056Dietitian reimbursement.Governor Signed SEA No. 0002 02/29/2016 
SF0057Freestanding emergency center.Governor Signed SEA No. 0049 03/11/2016Yes
SF0058Involuntary hospitalization and treatment.Governor Signed SEA No. 0056 03/11/2016Yes
SF0059Deferred compensation automatic enrollment amendments-2.Governor Signed SEA No. 0001 02/29/2016 
SF0060Public health nursing.Governor Signed SEA No. 0042 03/04/2016Yes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
SF0061Occupational Health and Safety Act-civil penalties.Governor Signed SEA No. 0040 03/04/2016 
SF0062Homemade beverages.Governor Signed SEA No. 0028 03/04/2016Yes
SF0063Economic development programs-revisions.Governor Signed SEA No. 0030 03/04/2016Yes
SF0064Industrial siting permit amendments.S:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with Senate Rule 5-4: 1-4-0-0-0 03/01/2016 
SF0065Patent trolling.Governor Signed SEA No. 0061 03/11/2016Yes
SF0066Preliminary hearings-circuit court.S Failed Introduction 19-11-0-0-0 02/10/2016 
SF0067Eye care consumer protection.Withdrawn by 02/12/2016 
SF0068Budget shortfall measures.Governor Signed SEA No. 0058 03/15/2016Yes
SF0069Balanced budget compact and resolution.Withdrawn by 02/12/2016 
SF0070Off-road recreational vehicles.Governor Signed SEA No. 0038 03/04/2016Yes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
SF0071Local government distributions-3.S Did Not Consider in CoW 02/19/2016Yes
SF0072Seventy miles per hour speed limit-state highways.Governor Signed SEA No. 0053 03/15/2016Yes
SF0073Welfare fraud prevention.Governor Signed SEA No. 0057 03/11/2016Yes
SF0074State miner's hospital board employees.Governor Signed SEA No. 0044 03/04/2016Yes
SF0075Criminal trespass to collect data-amendments.Governor Signed SEA No. 0055 03/15/2016Yes
SF0076Civil trespass to collect data-amendments.Governor Signed SEA No. 0052 03/15/2016Yes
SF0077Rural development council.S Failed Introduction 10-20-0-0-0 02/11/2016 
SF0078Office of consumer advocate-repeal date.S:Died in Committee 03/01/2016Yes
SF0079Big game animals-combination licenses.S:Died in Committee 03/01/2016 
SF0080Water use outside the state.S:Died in Committee 03/01/2016 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
SF0081School capital construction-charter school leases.Governor Signed SEA No. 0033 03/04/2016Yes
SF0082Palliative care.H postponed indefinitely 02/29/2016Yes
SF0083School facilities appropriations-4.S Did Not Consider in CoW 02/19/2016 
SF0084Long acting reversible contraception.S Failed Introduction 12-18-0-0-0 02/12/2016 
SF0085Medical education.H:Died in Committee 03/03/2016Yes
SF0086Medical assistance program design.H Did Not Consider in CoW 02/29/2016Yes
SF0087Data trespass repeal.S Failed Introduction 9-21-0-0-0 02/12/2016 
SF0088State lands within Grand Teton National Park.S postponed indefinitely 03/04/2016Yes
SF0089Workers compensation-time for requesting hearing.Governor Signed SEA No. 0021 03/04/2016 
SF0090Lifetime game and fish licenses-purple heart recipients.Governor Signed SEA No. 0020 03/03/2016 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
SF0091State penal facilities review.Governor Signed ; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0031 03/11/2016Yes
SF0092State construction department.Governor Signed SEA No. 0059 03/11/2016Yes
SF0093Electric utilities net metering.Withdrawn by 02/12/2016 
SF0094Payment for educational services.Governor Signed SEA No. 0034 03/04/2016Yes
SF0095Eye care consumer protection-2.H postponed indefinitely 03/04/2016Yes
SF0096Marihuana edibles.H Did Not Consider in CoW 02/29/2016Yes
SF0097Student and school safety call center.Governor Signed SEA No. 0051 03/11/2016Yes
SF0098Food freedom act-sales locations.S:Died in Committee 03/01/2016 
SF0099Emergency medical services.Governor Signed SEA No. 0035 03/04/2016Yes
SF0100Special districts-emergency medical services.Governor Signed SEA No. 0036 03/04/2016 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
SF0101Public health laboratory fees.Governor Signed SEA No. 0047 03/11/2016Yes
SF0102Federal funds distribution.H COW:Failed 02/29/2016 
SF0103At-will employment contracts.Governor Signed SEA No. 0009 03/01/2016Yes
SF0104Volunteer health care.S:Died in Committee 03/01/2016 
SF0105Balanced budget compact and resolution-2.S Failed Introduction 17-13-0-0-0 02/12/2016 
SJ0001Right of privacy and right to know.S COW:Failed 02/18/2016 
SJ0002School capital construction-constitutional amendment.S Failed Introduction 19-11-0-0-0 02/10/2016 
SJ0003Introduction of budget bills-2.S:Died in Committee 03/01/2016 
SJ0004Labeling for genetically engineered items-2.H Did Not Consider in CoW 02/29/2016 

Bill numbers may not add up due to missing bills such as the budget bills.

House bills:159
House Resolutions:11
Senate Files:105
Senate Resolutions:4

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