Wyoming Liberty Index 2015 Bill Status Report

Bill report compiled October 6, 2015 16:16:34.

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BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0001General government appropriations-2.See Mirror Bill SF0001Yes
HB0002Museum districts-formation.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 4-5-0-0-0 
HB0003Department of insurance-fine schedules.Governor Signed HEA0009; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0013Yes
HB0004Prohibited livestock grazing.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 4-5-0-0-0 
HB0005Property tax refund program-extension.Governor Signed HEA0021; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0020 
HB0006Airline companies-assessment.Governor Signed HEA0020; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0021Yes
HB0007Game road kill.S:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with Senate Rule 5-4: 2-2-1-0-0Yes
HB0008Landowner indemnification.Governor Signed HEA0001; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0002 
HB0009Alternative fuel taxation.Governor Signed HEA0025; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0028Yes
HB0010Education-state authorization reciprocity agreement.Governor Signed HEA0002; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0003Yes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0011Distance education task force.Governor Signed HEA0101; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0157Yes
HB0012Game and fish violations-restitutions.S COW:Failed 12-18-0-0-0Yes
HB0013State parks-use of fees.Governor Signed HEA0011; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0014Yes
HB0014Electronic citations.Governor Signed HEA0004; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0024Yes
HB0015Restoration of voting rights by department of corrections.Governor Signed HEA0106; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0163Yes
HB0016Offenses against public administration.Governor Signed HEA0052; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0082Yes
HB0017Sexual assault protection orders.Governor Signed HEA0083; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0144Yes
HB0018Drone Protection Act.S:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with Senate Rule 5-4: 2-3-0-0-0Yes
HB0019Registered investment advisers.Governor Signed HEA0006; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0011 
HB0020Clarification of duties of treasurer's office.Governor Signed HEA0008; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0012 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0021Intestate succession-adopted children.Governor Signed HEA0030; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0051 
HB0022Disabled veteran license plates.Governor Signed HEA0065; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0093Yes
HB0023Next generation science standards-2.Governor Signed HEA0066; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0097Yes
HB0024Minimum wage.H:Died in Committee 
HB0025Railroad rolling stock tax exemption-sunset.Governor Signed HEA0076; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0120Yes
HB0026Solemnization of marriage.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 4-5-0-0-0 
HB0027NRC agreement state authorization.Governor Signed HEA0043; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0060Yes
HB0028Investigative subpoenas.H COW:Failed 1-58-1-0-0Yes
HB0029Marihuana possession.H COW:Failed 22-38-0-0-0Yes
HB0030Deposits and depositories.Governor Signed HEA0029; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0052Yes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0031Exemption-water utilities.Governor Signed HEA0081; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0151Yes
HB0032Hemp extract regulation.Governor Signed HEA0064; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0102Yes
HB0033Workers' compensation premiums-experience modification.Governor Signed HEA0014; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0016Yes
HB0034Convalescent care center.H:Amend and DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 4-5-0-0-0 
HB0035Boards and commissions-removal of appointed members.S:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with Senate Rule 5-4: 2-3-0-0-0 
HB0036Emergency 911 providers-immunity.Governor Signed HEA0028; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0045 
HB0037Telephone assistance program-repeal.Governor Signed HEA0033; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0054 
HB0038PAC-campaign limits and funding.Governor Signed HEA0102; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0160Yes
HB0039Aggregate campaign contribution limits-repeal.Governor Signed HEA0048; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0080 
HB0040Insurance adjusters-portable electronic devices.Governor Signed HEA0012; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0015Yes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0041Barbering license requirements.Governor Signed HEA0015; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0026Yes
HB0042Unclaimed property-merchant stored value cards.Governor Signed HEA0087; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0127Yes
HB0043Tax sale certificate of purchase.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 3-6-0-0-0 
HB0044Emergency 911 fees-prepaid wireless.Governor Signed HEA0063; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0090Yes
HB0045Health care sharing ministry.Governor Signed HEA0082; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0123Yes
HB0046Nyx's law.H COW:Failed 10-43-7-0-0Yes
HB0047Shipment of wine.Governor Signed HEA0016; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0033 
HB0048Motor vehicle head lamp usage.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 2-7-0-0-0 
HB0049Confidentiality of participants involved in execution.Governor Signed HEA0018; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0017Yes
HB0050Microbeads prohibition.H COW:Failed 23-35-2-0-0Yes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0051Excise tax-well site.Governor Signed HEA0042; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0061Yes
HB0052Sales tax exclusion-related business entities.Governor Signed HEA0035; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0044Yes
HB0053Minerals to value added products program.Governor Signed HEA0034; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0056Yes
HB0054Corrective action account distribution.Governor Signed HEA0039; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0046Yes
HB0055Solid waste program amendments.Governor Signed HEA0037; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0047Yes
HB0056Wyoming Food Freedom Act.Governor Signed HEA0077; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0121Yes
HB0057Health insurance-medical necessity reviews.Governor Signed HEA0005; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0009Yes
HB0058Developmental disability services transition grants.S:Died in CommitteeYes
HB0059Workforce services-independent contractors.H:Died in Committee 
HB0060Trust company amendments.Governor Signed HEA0022; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0022Yes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0061Wyoming Chartered Family Trust Company Act.Governor Signed HEA0055; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0084Yes
HB0062Property tax exemption for religious education camps.Governor Signed HEA0085; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0126Yes
HB0063Unclaimed property-advertising.Governor Signed HEA0041; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0057Yes
HB0064UCC-title I and VII revisions.Governor Signed HEA0080; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0124Yes
HB0065State employees' group insurance-county employees.H postponed indefinitelyYes
HB0066State legendary critter.S:Died in CommitteeYes
HB0067Wyoming retirement system amendments.Governor Signed HEA0007; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0010Yes
HB0068Photographing ballot-penalty.H:POSTPONED 
HB0069Abandoned buildings.H:Amend and DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 2-7-0-0-0 
HB0070Omnibus water bill-construction.Governor Signed HEA0010; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0023Yes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0071Nursing education programs.Governor Signed HEA0003; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0001Yes
HB0072Volunteer firefighter and EMT pension account.Governor Signed HEA0013; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0032Yes
HB0073Development of education standards.Governor Signed HEA0078; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0122Yes
HB0074Front license plate requirement.Governor Signed HEA0026; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0034Yes
HB0075Balanced Budget Compact.S:Died in Committee 
HB0076Public library endowment challenge program amendments.Governor Signed HEA0074; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0104Yes
HB0077Wyoming retirement system-veteran's service credit.Governor Signed HEA0061; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0092Yes
HB0078Plant derived pain medication.H:Amend and DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 4-5-0-0-0 
HB0079Resort districts.H:Died in Committee 
HB0080Indemnity for negligent acts.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 2-7-0-0-0 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0081Wyoming lottery distributions.Governor Signed HEA0090; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0128 
HB0082Brewery and microbrewery licenses-definition.Governor Signed HEA0040; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0048 
HB0083Religious Freedom Restoration Act.S Did Not Consider for IntroductionYes
HB0084Conservation district levy.H COW:Failed 26-33-1-0-0 
HB0085Motor vehicle passing bicycles.Governor Signed HEA0099; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0190Yes
HB0086Board of cooperative educational services meetings.Governor Signed HEA0017; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0018 
HB0087Content and performance standards.S:Died in CommitteeYes
HB0088Health provider recruiting programs.Governor Signed HEA0060; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0089Yes
HB0089Wyoming Legal Tender Act.H COW:Failed 28-32-0-0-0Yes
HB0090Student religious liberties.S Did Not Consider for IntroductionYes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0091Restoring constitutional governance act.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 1-6-0-0-0 
HB0092Motorcycles-passage through intersections.H COW:Failed 24-27-9-0-0Yes
HB0093Public Service Commission-authority.Governor Signed HEA0067; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0105Yes
HB0094Parental rights.S Did Not Consider for IntroductionYes
HB0095Heavy vehicle and commercial drivers' licenses.H:Died in Committee 
HB0096Catering permit limitation.Governor Signed HEA0051; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0101 
HB0097Death penalty repeal.H:Amend and DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 4-5-0-0-0 
HB0098State per diem rate.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 4-5-0-0-0 
HB0099Statutes-gender neutral terms.H Failed 3rd ReadingYes
HB0100Highway funding.Governor Signed HEA0100; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0159Yes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0101Education-charter schools.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 2-7-0-0-0 
HB0102Property tax sales-highest bidder.H COW:Failed 11-48-1-0-0Yes
HB0103Merit career-technical scholarships.S Did Not Consider for IntroductionYes
HB0104Big and trophy game licenses-reservation.Governor Signed HEA0027; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0025Yes
HB0105Next generation 911-task force.S Did Not Consider in CoWYes
HB0106Nonconsensual towing services.Governor Signed HEA0084; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0125Yes
HB0107Interstate medical licensure compact.Governor Signed HEA0056; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0062Yes
HB0108Trespass-landowner liability.Governor Signed HEA0089; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0145Yes
HB0109Felony unlawful possession of controlled substances.S COW:Failed 10-15-5-0-0Yes
HB0110Sales tax distributions.H:Died in Committee 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0111Resort liquor licenses.Governor Signed HEA0038; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0049Yes
HB0112Capital construction grant eligibility.S Did Not Consider in CoWYes
HB0113Cigarette certification.Governor Signed HEA0032; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0055Yes
HB0114Wyoming Repeal Gun Free Zones Act (Sub. #1).S Failed 3rd Reading 
HB0115Vehicle registration timing.Governor Signed HEA0023; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0031Yes
HB0116Strategic investments and projects.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 0-9-0-0-0 
HB0117Spending policy reserve accounts.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 3-6-0-0-0 
HB0118Education-community college commission budget request.S Did Not Consider for IntroductionYes
HB0119Death with dignity.H:Died in Committee 
HB0120Tribal license plates.S COW:Failed 11-18-1-0-0Yes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0121Article V convention limitations.H postponed indefinitelyYes
HB0122Workers compensation permanent disability.Governor Signed HEA0019; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0019 
HB0123Juvenile records-expungement.S:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with Senate Rule 5-4: 2-3-0-0-0Yes
HB0124Determination of highway rights-of-way on federal lands.S Did Not Consider for IntroductionYes
HB0125Law enforcement citation quotas-prohibition.H:Amend and DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 4-5-0-0-0 
HB0126Candidate filing requirements.Governor Signed HEA0057; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0086Yes
HB0127Termination of employment-wages.Governor Signed HEA0086; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0129Yes
HB0128Notice requirements special district elections.Governor Signed HEA0044; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0077Yes
HB0129Property tax exemption-charities.H:Died in Committee 
HB0130Firemen's pension account-benefit adjustment.S Did Not Consider for IntroductionYes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0131Change in party affiliation.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 2-5-0-0-0 
HB0132Juvenile confidentiality in court proceedings.S Did Not Consider in CoWYes
HB0133United Nations Agenda 21-prohibition on implementation.H:Died in Committee 
HB0134Seized property.H Failed 3rd ReadingYes
HB0135Lifetime archery licenses.Governor Signed HEA0024; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0027Yes
HB0136Interstate game tag exemption-meat processors.Governor Signed HEA0031; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0053Yes
HB0137Child custody.S:Died in CommitteeYes
HB0138Worker's compensation for special education teachers.Governor Signed HEA0069; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0117Yes
HB0139Unemployment compensation protests-time limit.Governor Signed HEA0058; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0087Yes
HB0140Malt beverage tax.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 1-8-0-0-0 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0141Malt beverage tax-repeal.S:Died in Committee 
HB0142Child abuse penalty.H Did Not Consider in CoW 
HB0143Motor vehicle registration fees.S:Died in CommitteeYes
HB0144Education-school safety and security.H postponed indefinitelyYes
HB0145Principal and income act amendments.Governor Signed HEA0047; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0079 
HB0146Uniform Trust Code.Governor Signed HEA0059; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0088Yes
HB0147Wyoming council for education.H COW:Failed 28-31-1-0-0Yes
HB0148Waiver of state park fees-undeveloped areas.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 1-8-0-0-0 
HB0149Special nonresident hunting license draw.S Failed 3rd ReadingYes
HB0150Arrests for violation of probation.Governor Signed HEA0054; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0085 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0151Governmental immunity-waiver for hospital employees.S Did Not Consider in CoW 
HB0152Industrial siting impact payments.Governor Signed HEA0071; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0107Yes
HB0153Local sales and use tax revisions.H COW:Failed 27-33-0-0-0 
HB0154Complimentary hunting licenses-persons with disabilities.Governor Signed HEA0088; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0130Yes
HB0155Hunters who use wheelchairs-donated licenses.Governor Signed HEA0036; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0050Yes
HB0156Abortion–ultrasound information.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 3-6-0-0-0 
HB0157Pioneer hunting and fishing license.H Failed 3rd ReadingYes
HB0158Sexual assault-custody rights.S Did Not Consider in CoWYes
HB0159Education-writing assessment.Governor Signed HEA0050; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0099 
HB0160Special warranty deeds.Governor Signed HEA0068; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0106 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0161Retirement account exemption from execution.Governor Signed HEA0070; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0108 
HB0162Providers' orders for life sustaining treatment.Governor Signed HEA0095; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0189Yes
HB0163Critical access hospital endowment challenge program.S:Died in CommitteeYes
HB0164Student data privacy.H:Died in Committee 
HB0165Access to public land.H:Amend and DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 3-6-0-0-0 
HB0166Electrical safety and fire prevention-amendments.Governor Signed HEA0098; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0158Yes
HB0167Material support to designated entities.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 3-6-0-0-0 
HB0168Water and sewer districts-assessments.S Did Not Consider for Introduction 
HB0169Tax collections.H:Died in Committee 
HB0170Eighty mile per hour-variable speed limit.H:Died in Committee 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0171Architect instate residency definition.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 2-7-0-0-0 
HB0172Disability placard-designation.Governor Signed HEA0053; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0083Yes
HB0173Tobacco tax revisions.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 1-8-0-0-0 
HB0174Nicotine products regulation.Governor Signed HEA0079; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0143Yes
HB0175Determination of lottery proceeds.H:Amend and DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 4-5-0-0-0 
HB0176Supplemental budget requests-limitations.H:Died in Committee 
HB0177Collection costs for debts owed to the state.S Did Not Consider for IntroductionYes
HB0178Wyoming native-specialty license plate.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 2-7-0-0-0 
HB0179Education-state board membership.H:Died in Committee 
HB0180Child interviews-neglect and abuse cases.Governor Signed HEA0105; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0191Yes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0181Speeding penalties in 80 mile per hour zone.Governor Signed HEA0072; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0109Yes
HB0182Public assistance-eligibility.S Failed 3rd ReadingYes
HB0183Insurance coverage-early refills of prescription eye drops.Governor Signed HEA0103; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0161Yes
HB0184Concealed deadly weapons.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 4-5-0-0-0 
HB0185Severance tax distributions.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 2-6-1-0-0 
HB0186Human trafficking-forfeiture of property.S 3rd Reading:Bill reconsideration motion failed by roll call 14-15-1-0-0Yes
HB0187Marihuana impact study.H COW:Failed 19-39-2-0-0Yes
HB0188Board of occupational therapy amendments.H:Died in Committee 
HB0189Federal funds task force.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 0-7-0-0-0 
HB0190Hathaway scholarship program grade point average.H:Died in Committee 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0191Education-Hathaway scholarship requirements.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 4-5-0-0-0 
HB0192Education-Hathaway scholarship program.S Did Not Consider for IntroductionYes
HB0193Veteran burial teams.Governor Signed HEA0073; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0118Yes
HB0194Geothermal resources study.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 3-6-0-0-0 
HB0195Sexual assault medical examinations-statewide inventory.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 4-5-0-0-0 
HB0196Civics proficiency examination.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 3-6-0-0-0 
HB0197Emergency vehicles-tow trucks and wreckers.Governor Signed HEA0075; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0110Yes
HB0198Education-compulsory attendance.H Failed 3rd ReadingYes
HB0199Special districts-limited term.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 3-5-1-0-0 
HB0200Tax liability mineral production.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 2-7-0-0-0 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0201Deposits by political subdivisions.S Did Not Consider in CoWYes
HB0202EPA equipment requirements-tax exemption.H:Died in Committee 
HB0203Livestock brands-reciprocity.H COW:Failed 13-47-0-0-0 
HB0204Campus security study.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 2-7-0-0-0 
HB0205Revisor's bill.Governor Signed HEA0091; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0131Yes
HB0206Bicycles on roadways.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 0-9-0-0-0 
HB0207Game licenses-fees and allocation.H:Died in Committee 
HB0208Hard to draw hunting licenses.S:Died in CommitteeYes
HB0209Transfer of federal lands.S:Died in CommitteeYes
HB0210Guardian ad litem division.S:Died in CommitteeYes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0211Post-conviction actual innocence.S:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with Senate Rule 5-4: 2-3-0-0-0 
HB0212Workers compensation-claim apportionment.Governor Signed HEA0096; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0184Yes
HB0213County road construction-competitive bidding-2.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 4-5-0-0-0 
HB0214Practice of law-amendments.Governor Signed HEA0104; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0162Yes
HB0215Community juvenile services boards-creation.Governor Signed HEA0092; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0155 
HB0216Veterans skilled nursing center.S Did Not Consider for IntroductionYes
HB0217Workplace safety grant program.H:Died in Committee 
HB0218Minimum wage-federal minimum amount.H:Died in Committee 
HB0219Decorated combat veterans-license plates.H COW:Failed 29-29-2-0-0Yes
HB0220Wyoming coal-specialty license plate.H COW:Failed 21-37-2-0-0Yes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0221Education-parental rights.H:Died in Committee 
HB0222Sibling visitation rights.H Failed 3rd ReadingYes
HB0223WyDOT-general fund budget requests.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 3-6-0-0-0 
HB0224Burn order violations.S:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with Senate Rule 5-4: 2-3-0-0-0Yes
HB0225Highway patrol security duties.Governor Signed HEA0062; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0091Yes
HB0226State board of education-members.H:Died in Committee 
HB0227Cannabidiol medication.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 4-5-0-0-0 
HB0228Subdivision-family exception.Governor Signed HEA0097; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0186Yes
HB0229OSHA regulations.H:Died in Committee 
HB0230Compensation for exoneration based on DNA.H:Died in Committee 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0231Hathaway scholarships-exceptions from requirements.Governor Signed HEA0045; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0098Yes
HB0232Open meetings.H:Died in Committee 
HB0233Branch bank license expiration.Governor Signed HEA0046; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0078 
HB0234Attorney general-elected official.H:Died in Committee 
HB0235Foreign business entities-reinstatement.Governor Signed HEA0093; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0156Yes
HB0236OSHA penalties-3.H:Died in Committee 
HB0237Water and sewer district contracts.Governor Signed HEA0049; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0081Yes
HB0238Flaring of natural gas.H:Died in Committee 
HB0239Firearms in private vehicles.H:Died in Committee 
HB0240Physician assistant school.H:Died in Committee 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HB0241Electronic driver's license.H:Amend and DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 4-5-0-0-0 
HB0242Education-continuing contract teacher.H:Died in Committee 
HB0243Child abuse.Governor Signed HEA0094; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0185Yes
HB0244Severance tax distribution amendments.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 3-5-1-0-0 
HB0245Medicaid SHARE plan-2.H:Died in Committee 
HB0246Acupuncture practice act.H:Died in Committee 
HJ0001Regulation freedom.Governor Signed HEA0005; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0185Yes
HJ0002State superintendent of public instruction.H:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 2-7-0-0-0 
HJ0003Free-roaming feral horses.Governor Signed HEA0003; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0185Yes
HJ0004Balanced budget amendment resolution.S Failed 3rd ReadingYes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
HJ0005Mandatory judicial retirement.S Did Not Consider in CoWYes
HJ0006Wyoming local food production.Governor Signed HEJR No. 0004Yes
HJ0007Bear lodge project.Governor Signed HEA0001; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0185Yes
HJ0008Longer combination vehicles-compact agreement.Governor Signed HEJR No. 0002Yes
HJ0009Repeal 17th Amendment-2.H COW:Failed 20-38-2-0-0 
HJ0010Magna Carta.S Did Not Consider in CoWYes
HJ0011Noneconomic damages-constitutional amendment.H:Amend and DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with House Rule 5-4: 2-5-0-0-0 
SF0001General government appropriations.Governor Signed HEA0002; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0142Yes
SF0002Bar and grill liquor licenses.S: DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with Senate Rule 5-4: 1-4-0-0-0 
SF0003Right to try.Governor Signed SEA0076; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0174Yes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
SF0004Dry bean research.Governor Signed SEA0052; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0148Yes
SF0005Quebec #1 historic site-3.Governor Signed SEA0044; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0103Yes
SF0006Aquatic invasive species.Governor Signed SEA0013; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0041 
SF0007Tethering dogs.S:Died in Committee 
SF0008State education accountability and assessment.Governor Signed SEA0087; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0179 
SF0009Right to farm.Governor Signed SEA0077; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0175Yes
SF0010Education Administration-1.Governor Signed SEA0018; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0030 
SF0011Selling to junk dealers-ID required.Governor Signed SEA0058; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0137Yes
SF0012Trespassing to collect data.Governor Signed SEA0061; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0146Yes
SF0013Method of execution-1.S postponed indefinitelyYes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
SF0014Asset forfeiture-2.S:Did Not Override Veto 7-23-0-0-0Yes
SF0015Children in need of supervision-2.S:Died in Committee 
SF0016Controlled substances.Governor Signed SEA0051; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0136Yes
SF0017Resident contractor materials preference.Governor Signed SEA0032; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0072Yes
SF0018Expungement of misdemeanors.Governor Signed SEA0063; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0164Yes
SF0019VIN inspections.S:Died in Committee 
SF0020School finance-excess mill levy rebate.Governor Signed SEA0015; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0029 
SF0021Theft of identity-minors.S:Died in Committee 
SF0022Landfill remediation priority list.Governor Signed SEA0002; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0005 
SF0023Enhanced oil recovery commission amendments.Governor Signed SEA0016; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0039 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
SF0024Wyoming infrastructure authority amendments.Governor Signed SEA0086; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0181Yes
SF0025Cease and transfer priority list.Governor Signed SEA0017; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0035Yes
SF0026Challenge loan interest rate.Governor Signed SEA0004; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0007 
SF0027Vietnam Veterans Welcome Home Highway.Governor Signed SEA0041; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0119Yes
SF0028Highway entrance right-of-way.S:Died in Committee 
SF0029Motor vehicle driver's license exemptions.Governor Signed SEA0031; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0100Yes
SF0030Camp Guernsey-range management fund.S postponed indefinitelyYes
SF0031Department of health reports-cleanup.Governor Signed SEA0012; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0059 
SF0032Small employer group health insurance.Governor Signed SEA0006; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0004 
SF0033Precinct committeeperson elections.Governor Signed SEA0062; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0154Yes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
SF0034Interstate Mining Compact commission membership.Governor Signed SEA0014; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0042Yes
SF0035Security breach notification.Governor Signed SEA0022; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0065Yes
SF0036Personal identifying information-definitions.Governor Signed SEA0020; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0063Yes
SF0037State protection of data privacy.Governor Signed SEA0019; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0043 
SF0038Controlled substances-first offense for possession.Governor Signed SEA0007; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0037 
SF0039Industrial siting permit amendments.S:Died in Committee 
SF0040Burglary.S:Died in Committee 
SF0041Employee online privacy.S Failed 3rd ReadingYes
SF0042Task force on mineral taxes.Governor Signed SEA0033; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0073Yes
SF0043Wyoming Telecommunications Act revisions.Governor Signed SEA0026; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0096Yes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
SF0044Large project funding.Governor Signed SEA0047; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0132Yes
SF0045Digital information privacy task force-reappropriation.Governor Signed SEA0042; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0112Yes
SF0046Fire misdemeanors.Governor Signed SEA0045; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0116Yes
SF0047City engineers-duty to estimate project cost.Governor Signed SEA0050; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0134 
SF0048Medicaid-chiropractic services.S Withdrawn by Sponsor 
SF0049Initiative and referendum-revisions.Governor Signed SEA0003; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0006Yes
SF0050Tribal liaisons.Governor Signed SEA0074; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0172Yes
SF0051Water development-amendments.Governor Signed SEA0067; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0167 
SF0052Elections-vote centers and electronic pollbooks.Governor Signed SEA0053; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0138Yes
SF0053Special elections-time limits.Governor Signed SEA0005; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0008Yes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
SF0054Election Code-revisions.Governor Signed SEA0037; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0076Yes
SF0055Omnibus water bill-planning.Governor Signed SEA0069; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0168 
SF0056Study on management of public lands.Governor Signed SEA0078; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0192Yes
SF0057School facilities appropriations.Governor Signed SEA0078; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0194Yes
SF0058State park officers-benefits.Governor Signed SEA0055; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0150Yes
SF0059Wyoming public television endowment accounts.Governor Signed SEA0027; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0067 
SF0060Deferred compensation plan-automatic enrollment.Governor Signed SEA0008; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0036 
SF0061Chiropractor licensure-amendments.S Withdrawn by Sponsor 
SF0062Oral chemotherapy parity.Governor Signed SEA0025; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0094 
SF0063Predator ownership.S postponed indefinitelyYes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
SF0064Wyoming Health Insurance Pool Act extension.Governor Signed SEA0009; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0058 
SF0065Savings and loan associations.Governor Signed SEA0028; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0068Yes
SF0066Medicaid-expansion alternative.S:Died in Committee 
SF0067Waiver stabilization trust account.S COW:Failed 13-14-3-0-0Yes
SF0068Property rights ombudsman.S Did Not Consider in CoWYes
SF0069Nonresident allocation of game licenses.S:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with Senate Rule 5-4: 1-4-0-0-0 
SF0070Cooperative electric utility rate adjustment-notice.Governor Signed SEA0010; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0038Yes
SF0071Recreation Safety Act.S COW:Failed 14-15-1-0-0Yes
SF0072OSHA penalties-2.S Did Not Consider in CoWYes
SF0073Forcible entry and detainer amendments.Governor Signed SEA0038; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0111 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
SF0074Summer school intervention and remediation.Governor Signed SEA0068; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0188 
SF0075Child support enforcement amendments.Governor Signed SEA0039; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0113 
SF0076Railroad safety.S:Died in Committee 
SF0077Ignition interlock license amendments.H COW:Failed 16-43-1-0-0 
SF0078Education-dual language immersion programs.S Failed 3rd ReadingYes
SF0079Title of chiropractors.S:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with Senate Rule 5-4: 1-3-1-0-0 
SF0080Trespassing to collect data-civil cause of action.Governor Signed SEA0082; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0183Yes
SF0081Kevin's law.Governor Signed SEA0072; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0153Yes
SF0082Funeral Services Practitioners Act-amendments.Governor Signed SEA0029; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0070Yes
SF0083Parole board authority.S:Died in Committee 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
SF0084Enhanced recovery-carbon dioxide certification.Governor Signed SEA0036; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0095Yes
SF0085Adult foster care pilot project.Governor Signed SEA0080; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0176Yes
SF0086Massage therapists licensing.S:Died in Committee 
SF0087Education-school finance cost-of-living adjustment.S:Died in Committee 
SF0088Emergency care-stroke and acute heart attack patients.Governor Signed SEA0073; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0170Yes
SF0089Supplemental budget bill voting requirement.S:Died in Committee 
SF0090Medicaid-chiropractor services-2.Governor Signed SEA0070; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0169Yes
SF0091Charter school eligibility-bonus payments.Governor Signed SEA0079; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0177Yes
SF0092Worker's compensation-county elected officials.Governor Signed SEA0048; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0133 
SF0093County road fund-pavement management.Governor Signed SEA0040; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0114 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
SF0094Substance abuse assessments-nonresidents.Governor Signed SEA0011; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0040 
SF0095Speed limits.Governor Signed SEA0057; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0139Yes
SF0096Special investigator.S Did Not Consider in CoW 
SF0097Department of transportation communications facilities.Governor Signed SEA0030; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0071Yes
SF0098School athletic safety.Governor Signed SEA0085; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0178Yes
SF0099Wyoming Pharmacy Act amendments.Governor Signed SEA0066; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0166Yes
SF0100Prescription drug monitoring program-amendments.Governor Signed SEA0049; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0135Yes
SF0101Veterans in-state tuition.Governor Signed SEA0046; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0147Yes
SF0102Medical billing-provisional providers.Governor Signed SEA0021; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0064Yes
SF0103Bicycle pathway and highway separation.H Failed 3rd ReadingYes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
SF0104Campaign reports-unopposed candidates.S COW:Failed 8-19-3-0-0Yes
SF0105Game and fish-round up program.H:Died in CommitteeYes
SF0106Powdered alcohol.H Failed 3rd ReadingYes
SF0107Federal education funds study.S:Died in Committee 
SF0108Access to private land-restrictions.S Did Not Consider in CoW 
SF0109State parks leases-legislative approval.S:Died in Committee 
SF0110State education accountability and assessment-2.S:Died in CommitteeYes
SF0111Summary probate proceedings.Governor Signed SEA0034; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0074Yes
SF0112Criminal stalking.S Did Not Consider in CoWYes
SF0113Mule and whitetail deer separate hunting seasons.S:Died in Committee 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
SF0114Game and fish-resident preference points.S:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with Senate Rule 5-4: 1-4-0-0-0 
SF0115Discrimination.H COW:Failed 26-33-1-0-0Yes
SF0116Legislature compensation.H 3rd Reading:Bill reconsideration motion failed by roll call 29-30-1-0-0Yes
SF0117Air quality construction permitting.Governor Signed SEA0023; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0066Yes
SF0118Personal opportunity with employment responsibilities.Governor Signed SEA0081; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0187Yes
SF0119Hospice-respite care.Governor Signed SEA0043; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0115Yes
SF0120Uniform Interstate Family Support Act.Governor Signed SEA0035; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0075Yes
SF0121Career and technical training grants.H Failed 3rd ReadingYes
SF0122Vision 2020.H:Died in Committee 
SF0123Collective bargaining for fire fighters.S Failed 3rd ReadingYes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
SF0124Sales and use tax enforcement.Governor Signed SEA0059; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0140Yes
SF0125Incineration permitting-location.S:Died in Committee 
SF0126Water quality.Governor Signed SEA0075; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0173Yes
SF0127Transportation and education revenue distribution.S Did Not Consider in CoWYes
SF0128Election runoffs.S COW:Failed 10-20-0-0-0Yes
SF0129Medicaid SHARE plan.S 3rd Reading:Bill reconsideration motion failed by roll call 10-19-1-0-0Yes
SF0130Lottery commission reporting requirements.Governor Signed SEA0084; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0182Yes
SF0131Minimum wage-staged increase.S:Died in Committee 
SF0132Wyoming Fair Housing Act.Governor Signed SEA0071; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0171Yes
SF0133Bighorn sheep relocation.Governor Signed SEA0083; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0193Yes
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
SF0134Bighorn sheep plan.Governor Signed SEA0060; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0141Yes
SF0135Misclassification of employees-penalty.S:Died in Committee 
SF0136Expedited EMT licensing.Governor Signed SEA0065; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0152Yes
SF0137Farm license plates.Governor Signed SEA0024; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0069 
SF0138Small business innovation research-matching funds.H Failed 3rd ReadingYes
SF0139Open and revised elections.S:Died in Committee 
SF0140Wyoming Telecommunications Act-rewrite.S:Died in Committee 
SF0141State budget development.Governor Signed SEA0088; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0180Yes
SF0142Building code regulation.Governor Signed SEA0054; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0149Yes
SF0143Capitol building oversight group.S:Died in Committee 
BillShort TitleStatusAmdts
SF0144Microbreweries-minimum barrel requirement.Governor Signed SEA0064; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0165 
SF0145Hospital uncompensated care.Governor Signed SEA0090; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0196Yes
SF0146Spending policy amendments.Governor Signed SEA0091; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0195Yes
SJ0001Right of privacy-constitutional amendment.S COW:Failed 13-17-0-0-0 
SJ0002Investment of state funds.Governor Signed SEA0001; Bill Assigned Chapter Number CH0195Yes
SJ0003Limitation of authority.S:Died in Committee 
SJ0004Constitutional convention.S:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with Senate Rule 5-4: 2-3-0-0-0 
SJ0005State superintendent of public instruction-1.S:Died in Committee 
SJ0006Sage grouse.S:Died in Committee 
SJ0007Resolution declaring Chicano history week.S:DO PASS FAILED in Accordance with Senate Rule 5-4: 2-3-0-0-0 

Bill numbers may not add up due to missing bills such as the budget bills.

House bills:246
House Resolutions:11
Senate Files:146
Senate Resolutions:7

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