Wyoming Liberty Index 2014 Bill Status Report

During the session this page gives the current status of each bill. After session, this bill reports the final status of each bill.

Note: This is a best estimate of bills' status. The software is beta quality and may err. As usual, the digest is authoritative and has more information.

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BillShort TitleStatus
HB0001General government appropriations.Governor Signed
HB0002Bonded indebtedness mill levy supplement.Governor Signed
HB0003Alternative schools.Governor Signed
HB0004Pest control compact.Governor Signed
HB0005Education-required school bus video equipment-2.Governor Signed
HB0006Domestic assault and battery.Governor Signed
HB0007Unlawful entry into occupied structure.Governor Signed
HB0008Court reporter fee elimination.Governor Signed
HB0009Bodily injury and serious bodily injury.Governor Signed
HB0010Water well permits.Governor Signed
BillShort TitleStatus
HB0011Controlled substances.Governor Signed
HB0012Eighty miles per hour speed limit.Governor Signed
HB0013UCC liens-electronic filing.Governor Signed
HB0014Business entities-revisions.Governor Signed
HB0015Business entities-enforcement and penalties.Governor Signed
HB0016Misclassification of employees-penalties.H Failed Introduction
HB0017Exterior residential storm damage repair contracts.H Failed Introduction
HB0018Coroners' standards-enforcement.Governor Signed
HB0019Notary fees.Governor Signed
HB0020Fire prevention and electrical safety-fees.Governor Signed
BillShort TitleStatus
HB0021Property tax exemption-charity.Governor Signed
HB0022Mineral tax-audit interest rate.Governor Signed
HB0023Landowner's duty to a trespasser-2.H Did Not Consider in COW
HB0024Registration fees-house trailers.Governor Signed
HB0025Funeral Service Practitioners Act.Governor Signed
HB0026Education-early childhood programs.H Failed Introduction
HB0027Article V constitutional convention.H Did Not Consider in COW
HB0028State education accountability and assessment.Died in H Education committee
HB0029Nonconsensual towing-rotation lists.Died in H Transportation, Highways & Military Affairs committee
HB0030Prohibited harassment of wildlife.H Failed COW
BillShort TitleStatus
HB0031Game and fish-fees.H Failed Introduction
HB0032Snowmobile permit and registration fees.Governor Signed
HB0033Jury pool selection-archaic language.Governor Signed
HB0034Solid waste cease and transfer eligibility.Governor Signed
HB0035Select committee on the transfer of public land.H Passed Third Reading
HB0036Constituent service allowance.Governor Signed
HB0037Revisor's bill.Governor Signed
HB0038Taxidermy licenses.Governor Signed
HB0039Financial advisory council membership.Died in H Appropriations committee
HB0040State employees' and officials' group insurance-membership.Governor Signed
BillShort TitleStatus
HB0041Emergency medical technician pension plan.S Failed Third Reading
HB0042School facilities appropriations.Governor Signed
HB0043Children in need of supervision-age.Governor Signed
HB0044Credit card fraud.H Did Not Consider in COW
HB0045Minimum wage.H Failed Introduction
HB0046Public employee pension plans-contributions.Governor Signed
HB0047Government royalty revenues-definition.Governor Signed
HB0048Fishing with artificial light.Governor Signed
HB0049Marihuana possession.H Failed Introduction
HB0050District court filing fee.Died in H Judiciary committee
BillShort TitleStatus
HB0051Firemen's pension plan benefits.Died in S Appropriations committee
HB0052National guard funding-maintenance.H Failed Introduction
HB0053Wyoming lottery-definition.Governor Signed
HB0054Lottery board.S Failed Third Reading
HB0055Funding for substance abuse.Died in H Appropriations committee
HB0056Temporary licensing-insurance producers.H Failed Introduction
HB0057Collection of unpaid wages.H Failed Introduction
HB0058Failure to attend school.H Failed Introduction
HB0059Authorized motor vehicle lights.Died in H Transportation, Highways & Military Affairs committee
HB0060Light trailer titles.Died in H Transportation, Highways & Military Affairs committee
BillShort TitleStatus
HB0061Failure to extinguish or contain fire.H Passed Third Reading
HB0062General procedures for licensure boards.Governor Signed
HB0063Railroad rolling stock tax exemption.H Passed Third Reading
HB0064Mining and mineral contracts-professional services.Died in H Minerals, Business & Economic Development committee
HB0065Sales and use tax-exemptions.Died in H Revenue committee
HB0066Severance tax.H Failed Introduction
HB0067School zone traffic control device.H Failed Introduction
HB0068State cookie.H Failed Introduction
HB0069Fuel tax natural gas.Governor Signed
HB0070State parks peace officer-benefits.H Passed Third Reading
BillShort TitleStatus
HB0071Leasing of equipment.Governor Signed
HB0072Omnibus water bill-planning.Governor Signed
HB0073Persons with disabilities.Governor Signed
HB0074Elections-ballot access.Died in H Minerals, Business & Economic Development committee
HB0075Motorcycles-passage through intersections.H Failed Introduction
HB0076Property forfeitures and seizures.Died in S Judiciary committee
HB0077Student religious liberties.H Did Not Consider in COW
HB0078Environmental protection agency actions.H Did Not Consider in COW
HB0079Critical access hospital endowment challenge program.H Did Not Consider in COW
HB0080Medicaid waiver-tribal health programs-2.H Failed Introduction
BillShort TitleStatus
HB0081Education-early childhood programs-2.Withdrawn
HB0082Alternative schools-2.Withdrawn
HB0083Insurance-coverage of inherited enzymatic disorders.Governor Signed
HB0084Medicaid expansion-limited benefits.H Failed Introduction
HB0085State education accountability and assessment-2.Withdrawn
HB0086Rural health care districts-authority.Governor Signed
HB0087Marriage definition.H Failed Introduction
HB0088Post-dated checks.Governor Signed
HB0089Constituent allowance-large legislative districts.Died in H Rules & Procedures committee
HB0090Release of juveniles to responsible adult.Died in H Judiciary committee
BillShort TitleStatus
HB0091Real estate loans-limitations.Governor Signed
HB0092Public schools-crisis management plans.H Failed Introduction
HB0093Shipment of wine.H Did Not Consider in COW
HB0094Restoring constitutional governance act.H Failed Introduction
HB0095Diabetes care planning.Governor Signed
HB0096Professional assistance programs.Governor Signed
HB0097Education-state administration.H Did Not Consider in COW
HB0098State investment services.Governor Signed
HB0099Worker's compensation for special education teachers.H Did Not Consider in COW
HB0100Investigative subpoenas.H Did Not Consider in COW
BillShort TitleStatus
HB0101Elections-vote centers and electronic pollbooks.H Did Not Consider in COW
HB0102Sage grouse implementation team.Governor Signed
HB0103Lifetime archery licenses.H Failed Introduction
HB0104Education-release of student information.Governor Signed
HB0105Unmanned aerial surveillance.H Did Not Consider in COW
HB0106County fireworks bans.H Indefinitely Postponed
HB0107Forfeiture of property for criminal offenses.Died in H Judiciary committee
HB0108Validity of marriages.H Failed Introduction
HB0109Attorney general-elected official.H Failed Introduction
HB0110Superintendent of public instruction duties.H Failed Introduction
BillShort TitleStatus
HB0111School safety and security.H Did Not Consider in COW
HB0112Big and trophy game licenses.Withdrawn
HB0113Government contracts-labor organizations.Died in H Education committee
HB0114State board of education-members.Died in H Education committee
HB0115Determination of highway rights-of-way on federal lands.H Did Not Consider in COW
HB0116Towing company regulation.Died in H Transportation, Highways & Military Affairs committee
HB0117School finance-school resource officers.H Failed Introduction
HB0118State miner's hospital legislative oversight committee.H Failed Introduction
HB0119Repeal gun free zones in schools.H Failed Introduction
HB0120Employee drug testing-vulnerable adults.H Did Not Consider in COW
BillShort TitleStatus
HB0121Admissibility of evidence in sex offense cases.H Did Not Consider in COW
HB0122Cigarette certification.H Did Not Consider in COW
HB0123Unified administrative code and data base.Governor Signed
HB0124Education-content and performance standards.H Did Not Consider in COW
HB0125Local option tax-municipalities.Died in H Revenue committee
HB0126Restoration of rights after felony conviction.H Failed Introduction
HB0127Disclosure of juvenile probation information.H Passed Third Reading
HB0128Juvenile courts-sanctions.Governor Signed
HB0129Game and fish-lifetime license elimination.H Failed Introduction
HB0130Cigarette taxes.H Failed Introduction
BillShort TitleStatus
HB0131Unclaimed property-abandonment and definitions.Withdrawn
HB0132Sales and use tax distributions.Withdrawn
HB0133Attorney general-removal process.H Failed Introduction
HB0134Death penalty repeal.H Failed Introduction
HB0135Small business investment credit-number of employees.Governor Signed
HB0136Remedial classes.H Failed Introduction
HB0137County road construction-competitive bidding.H Did Not Consider in COW
HB0138Governmental immunity-waiver for hospital employees.H Failed Introduction
HB0139Workers' compensation-mental injury.H Failed Introduction
HB0140Complimentary hunting licenses-persons with disabilities.H Passed Third Reading
BillShort TitleStatus
HB0141Collection costs for debts owed to the state.Died in H Minerals, Business & Economic Development committee
HB0142Firefighter collective bargaining-nonbinding arbitration.H Failed Introduction
HB0143Health information study.H Did Not Consider in COW
HB0144Shopping cart stowage obligations.H Failed Introduction
HB0145Streamlined sales tax amendments.Governor Signed
HB0146Study of state human resource positions.H Passed Third Reading
HB0147Infrastructure authority-energy transmission.Governor Signed
HB0148Limited partnership-certificates.H Did Not Consider in COW
HB0149Correctional industries.Died in H Agriculture, State and Public Lands & Water Resources committee
HB0150Classification of human resources manager.Withdrawn
BillShort TitleStatus
HB0151Malt beverage tax increase.H Failed Introduction
HB0152Water research.H Did Not Consider in COW
HB0153Special nonresident hunting license draw.H Failed Introduction
HB0154Exemption for gratuities.Governor Signed
HB0155Electronic citation fees.H Passed Third Reading
HB0156Brewery and microbrewery licenses-definition.H Did Not Consider in COW
HB0157Tourism promotion.Died in H Travel, Recreation, Wildlife & Cultural Resources committee
HB0158Indecency.Died in H Judiciary committee
HB0159Workplace safety grant program.H Did Not Consider in COW
HB0160Commission on federalism.H Failed Introduction
BillShort TitleStatus
HB0161Medicaid expansion-2.H Failed Introduction
HB0162Education-content and performance standards.H Failed Introduction
HB0163Game and fish-restitution values.H Did Not Consider in COW
HB0164Wind River Reservation boundaries.Died in H Minerals, Business & Economic Development committee
HB0165Game road kill.H Did Not Consider in COW
HB0166Federal health care reform-prohibition.H Failed Introduction
HB0167Lifesaver program.H Failed Introduction
HB0168Stop common core initiatives in Wyoming.H Failed Introduction
HB0169Medicaid waiver programs-case management system.Governor Signed
HB0170State agricultural fuel tax refund.Died in H Revenue committee
BillShort TitleStatus
HB0171Automobile title loans.H Failed Introduction
HB0172Impact assistance to local governments.Died in H Appropriations committee
HB0173Schools-administration of epinephrine.Governor Signed
HB0174Merit career-technical scholarships.H Failed Introduction
HB0175Transfer on death deed.Governor Signed
HB0176Vacancies in office.H Failed Introduction
HB0177Federal lands-tax lien.H Did Not Consider in COW
HB0178Computer trespass.Governor Signed
HB0179Privacy in education.H Did Not Consider in COW
HJ0001Support of Taiwan.Governor Signed
BillShort TitleStatus
HJ0002Support of Azerbaijan.H Failed Introduction
HJ0003Pledge of Allegiance-commemoration.H Did Not Consider in COW
HJ0004Textbooks.H Failed Introduction
HJ0005Moose-Wilson roadway.Governor Signed
SF0001General government appropriations-2.S Passed Third Reading
SF0002The Jason Flatt Act.Withdrawn
SF0003School facilities-collaborative committee process.Governor Signed
SF0004School finance-local resources.Governor Signed
SF0005Teachers-national certification pay incentive.Governor Signed
SF0006Groundwater contested cases.Governor Signed
BillShort TitleStatus
SF0007Brucellosis surveillance.Governor Signed
SF0008Agency land sale, acquisition and exchange authority.S Failed COW
SF0009Probation and parole agent arrest authority.Governor Signed
SF0010Work Release Act-repeal.Governor Signed
SF0011Appropriation for the legislature.Governor Signed
SF0012State education program.S Indefinitely Postponed
SF0013Hathaway scholarship program-enrollment expansion.Governor Signed
SF0014Court security funding.S Passed Third Reading
SF0015Community college major maintenance.Governor Signed
SF0016Insurance-guaranty association model act.Governor Signed
BillShort TitleStatus
SF0017Insurance-electronic delivery of documents.Governor Signed
SF0018Counties-legal publications.Governor Signed
SF0019Cities and towns-legal publications.Governor Signed
SF0020Local governments-legal publications.Governor Signed
SF0021Insurance-own risk solvency model act.Governor Signed
SF0022Insurance policies.S No report prior to COW Cutoff
SF0024Special elections-revisions.Governor Signed
SF0025Election code-revisions.Governor Signed
SF0026Endowment challenge program-state funds inviolate.Governor Signed
BillShort TitleStatus
SF0027Endowment challenge program-fees.Governor Signed
SF0028Post-conviction actual innocence.S Indefinitely Postponed
SF0029Supervised probation of misdemeanants.Governor Signed
SF0030Compensation for persons exonerated based on DNA evidence.S Indefinitely Postponed
SF003124/7 sobriety program.Governor Signed
SF0032Education-professional development and training.S Did Not Consider in COW
SF0033County board of equalization-2.Governor Signed
SF0034Involuntary hospitalization-emergency hearings.Governor Signed
SF0035Wearable computers-prohibition while driving.S Did Not Consider in COW
SF0036Education-student data security.Withdrawn
BillShort TitleStatus
SF0037Penalties for misdemeanor offenses.S Failed Introduction
SF0038Hunter safety-exceptions.Governor Signed
SF0039Grand Teton National Park-transfer of state lands.Governor Signed
SF0040Involuntary hospitalization and treatment.S Failed Third Reading
SF0041Select federal natural resource management committee.Governor Signed
SF0042Electrical licensing-installation of light bulbs.Governor Signed
SF0043Prioritization of municipal solid waste facility projects.Governor Signed
SF0044State parks-use of fees.S Failed Third Reading
SF0045Game and fish department-general fund budget requests.Governor Signed
SF0046State parks-ATM donations.Governor Signed
BillShort TitleStatus
SF0047Katie's law (Sub. #1).S Failed Third Reading
SF0048Cultural trust fund board-membership.Governor Signed
SF0049Death penalty-execution.S Failed Introduction
SF0050State miner's health coverage.Governor Signed
SF0051Workers' compensation coverage.Governor Signed
SF0052Campaign finance.S Failed Introduction
SF0053Unfair trade practices.Governor Signed
SF0054Reports to the legislature.Governor Signed
SF0055Hathaway student scholarship program-award increase.Governor Signed
SF0056State engineer-fees.Governor Signed
BillShort TitleStatus
SF0057Reduction of boards and commissions.Governor Signed
SF0058National guard service-governor's authority.Governor Signed
SF0059Specific service signage on highways.Governor Signed
SF0060VIN inspection authority-game and fish.Governor Signed
SF0061Veterans-resident tuition provisions.Governor Signed
SF0062WCCC director-ex-officio memberships.Withdrawn
SF0063Sexual assault protection orders.S Passed Third Reading
SF0064Public health nursing.Governor Signed
SF0065Substance abuse grant program.Died in S Labor, Health & Social Services committee
SF0066Omnibus water bill-construction.Governor Signed
BillShort TitleStatus
SF0067Administrative rules-streamlining.Governor Signed
SF0068Obsolete laws.Governor Signed
SF0069Simulcasting permits.S Did Not Consider in COW
SF0070State appropriations-lapsing of funds.Governor Signed
SF0071Reversion of appropriations.Governor Signed
SF0072Burglary.S Failed Third Reading
SF0073Campus security study.S Failed Introduction
SF0074Unemployment insurance coverage-fiduciaries.Governor Signed
SF0075Environmental protection agency actions-2.Governor Signed
SF0076Unemployment insurance-worker misconduct.Governor Signed
BillShort TitleStatus
SF0077Open primary elections.S Failed Introduction
SF0078The Jason Flatt Act-2.Governor Signed
SF0079Education-student data security-2.Governor Signed
SF0080Real estate licensure-revisions.Governor Signed
SF0081Employer access to social media accounts.S Passed Third Reading
SF00822014 large project funding.Governor Signed
SF0083Oil and gas operations-bonding requirement.Governor Signed
SF0084Child support payment.Governor Signed
SF0085Trespassing to collect data.Died in S Minerals, Business & Economic Development committee
SF0086Obstructing roads and highways.H Failed Third Reading
BillShort TitleStatus
SF0087Public records preservation.Died in H Revenue committee
SF0088Medicaid expansion-insurance pool.S Failed Introduction
SF0089Health professionals-Medicaid billing.Governor Signed
SF0090Hospital licensing.S Failed Introduction
SF0091Digital information privacy-task force.Governor Signed
SF0092WCCC director-ex-officio memberships-2.Governor Signed
SF0093Agricultural gas tax refund.Governor Signed
SF0094Game and fish-resident preference points.Died in H Travel, Recreation, Wildlife & Cultural Resources committee
SF0095Constitutional convention select committee.S Failed Introduction
SF0096Workforce services-independent contractors.S Passed Third Reading
BillShort TitleStatus
SF0097Large project economic development loans.Governor Signed
SF0098State board of education-membership.S Failed Introduction
SF0099Pooling order operator.Withdrawn
SF0100Business ready community program modifications.Governor Signed
SF0101License plate vehicle indicator.Governor Signed
SF0102State high school sports-playoffs.S Failed Introduction
SF0103State buildings-construction.Governor Signed
SF0104Permanent mineral trust fund protection.S Failed COW
SF0105Hospital licensing-moratorium.S Failed Introduction
SF0106State education administration.S Passed Third Reading
BillShort TitleStatus
SF0107Certificates of insurance.Governor Signed
SF0108Obamacare relief.S Failed Introduction
SF0109Freedom of teachers in protecting students.S Did Not Consider in COW
SF0110Water-change of use.S No report prior to COW Cutoff
SF0111Firearm background checks-mental health records.Died in S Judiciary committee
SF0112Penalties for misclassification of employees.S Failed Introduction
SF0113Task force on expansion of natural gas service.S Passed Third Reading
SF0114Hospitalization of mentally ill persons.S No report prior to COW Cutoff
SF0115Warrantless searches-repeal.Governor Signed
SF0116Expungement of felonies.Governor Signed
BillShort TitleStatus
SF0117Summary probate proceedings.Died in H Judiciary committee
SF0118Medicaid-staged expansion.Died in S Labor, Health & Social Services committee
SF0119Education-mandatory kindergarten.S Failed Introduction
SF0120Correctional healthcare costs.Withdrawn
SJ0001Regulation of carbon dioxide emissions.Governor Signed
SJ0002State superintendent of public instruction.S Failed Introduction

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