Wyoming Liberty Index, 2009 General Session

Last revised 2 October 2009

The 2009 Wyoming Liberty Index is now available. The tables for the two houses of the Wyoming legislature are shown below.

The 2009 Index background information is broken into the following pages:

Spreadsheet (an Office97 Excel file; do you need an Excel viewer?)
Discussion of the session bills
Method used this year

The Top Dozen liberty-supporting members in the House were (in order) Representatives Madden, Brechtel, Teeters, Quarberg, Mercer, Peasley, Zwonitzer, Diercks, Miller, Wallis, Semlek and Stubson. Madden wins the title of "Most Liberty-Friendly Member of the House for 2009".

The Need Improvement - those members who most consistently voted to limit freedom - were (in order) Representatives Brown, Cohee, Barbuto, Thompson (in a four-way tie), Hales, Simpson, Blake, Millin, Pedersen, Moniz, Craft, Bonner, and in last place, Meyer. Representative Saundra Meyer has earned the title of "Most Liberty-Hostile Member of the House for 2009".

The Top Half-Dozen liberty-supporting members in the Senate were (in order) Senators Case, Perkins, Bebout, Geis, Schiffer and Vasey. For the sixth year running (as long as we have been rating the Senate), Senator Cale Case has come out on top; he earns the title of the "Most Liberty-Friendly Member of the Senate for 2009" by a substantial margin. Kudos yet again to Senator Case!

The Senate Need Improvement - those members who most consistently voted to limit freedom - were (in order) Senators Hastert, Ross (in a two-way tie), Sessions, Decaria, Martin, Massie and von Flatern. Senator Michael von Flatern has earned the title of "Most Liberty-Hostile Member of the Senate for 2009".

In the charts below, where more than one member shows the same rank, it means that they tied in score.

The 2009 Wyoming House Index

The most liberty-supporting legislators are at the top of the table.

NameParDistDistrict LocationRank
Mike MaddenR40Johnson/Sheridan1
Bob BrechtelR38Natrona2
Matt TeetersR5Goshen/Platte3
Lorraine QuarbergR28S. Big Horn/Hot Springs/SE Park4
Erin MercerR53Campbell5
Frank PeasleyR3Converse/Platte6
Dave ZwonitzerR9Laramie6
Ross DiercksD2Niobrara/Weston/Converse/Goshen8
David MillerR55Fremont8
Sue WallisR52Campbell8
Mark SemlekR1Crook/Weston11
Tim StubsonR56Natrona12
Amy EdmondsR12Laramie13
Lisa SheppersonR58Natrona14
Rodney "Pete" AndersonR10Laramie15
William StewardR47Carbon/Albany15
John PattonR29Sheridan17
Dan ZwonitzerR43Laramie18
Kathy DavisonR20Lincoln/Sublette/Sweetwater19
Jim RoscoeD22Lincoln/Sublette/Teton19
Thomas E. Lubnau IIR31Campbell21
Timothy HallinanR32Campbell22
Cathy ConnollyD13Albany22
Allen JaggiR18Uinta/Sweetwater24
Frank PhilpR34Fremont24
Mary ThroneD11Laramie24
Seth CarsonD45Albany24
Ken EsquibelD41Laramie28
Steve HarshmanR37Natrona28
Pete JorgensenD16Teton28
Owen PetersenR19Uinta28
Robert McKimR21Lincoln32
Richard CannadyR6Converse33
Debbie HammonsD27Washakie33
George BagbyD15Carbon35
Edward A. BuchananR4Goshen35
W. Patrick GogglesD33Fremont35
Thomas A. LockhartR57Natrona35
James ByrdD44Laramie39
Mary Meyer GilmoreD59Natrona40
Elaine HarveyR26Big Horn/Park40
Del McOmieR54Fremont40
Rosie BergerR51Sheridan43
Charles P. "Pat" ChildersR50Park43
Keith GingeryR23Fremont/Teton43
Pete IllowayR42Laramie43
Jack Landon Jr.R30Sheridan43
Kermit C. BrownR14Albany48
Roy CoheeR35Natrona48
Joseph BarbutoD48SW Fremont/Sweetwater48
Bill ThompsonD60Sweetwater48
Mary HalesD36Natrona52
Colin M. SimpsonR24Park52
Stan BlakeD39Sweetwater54
Lori MillinD8Laramie54
Bryan PedersenR7Laramie56
Glenn MonizR46Albany57
Bernadine CraftD17Sweetwater58
Dave BonnerR25Park59
Saundra MeyerD49Uinta60

The 2009 Wyoming Senate Index

The most liberty-supporting legislators are at the top of the table.

NameParDistDistrict LocationRank
Cale CaseR25Fremont1
Drew PerkinsR29Natrona2
Eli BeboutR26Fremont3
Gerald E. GeisR20S Big Horn/Hot Springs/SE Park/Washakie4
John SchifferR22Sheridan/Johnson5
Bill VaseyD11Albany/Carbon5
John HinesR23Campbell7
Bill LandenR27Natrona8
Phil NicholasR10Albany9
Curt MeierR3Goshen/Platte10
Charles K. ScottR30Natrona10
Dan DockstaderR16Lincoln/Sublette/Teton12
Charles TownsendR1Crook/Weston/E Converse/Niobrara/NE Goshen12
Jim AndersonR2Converse/Platte14
Kit JenningsR28Natrona15
Grant C. LarsonR17Teton/Fremont15
Henry H. R. "Hank" CoeR18Park17
Bruce BurnsR21Sheridan18
Ray PetersonR19Big Horn/E Park19
Rick HunnicuttR5Laramie20
Floyd EsquibelD8Laramie21
Stan CooperR14Lincoln/Sublette/Sweetwater/Uinta22
Wayne H. JohnsonR6Laramie22
John HastertD13Sweetwater24
Tony RossR4Laramie24
Kathryn SessionsD7Laramie26
Ken DecariaD15Uinta27
Marty MartinD12Sweetwater/Fremont28
Mike MassieD9Albany29
Michael Von FlaternR24Campbell30