Wyoming Liberty Index, 2006 Budget Session

Last revised 14 June 2007

The 2006 Wyoming Liberty Index is now available. The tables for the two houses of the Wyoming legislature are shown below.

The 2006 Index background information is broken into the following pages:

Spreadsheet (an Office97 Excel file; do you need an Excel viewer?)
Discussion of the session bills
Methodology used this year
Membership changes in the legislature

The Top Dozen liberty-supporting members in the House were (in order) Representatives Jackson, Landon, Bucholz, Jones, Samuelson, Brechtel, Reese, Olsen, Miller, Semlek, Gilmore and Mercer. This year we can say with some assurance that Representative Burke Jackson was the most liberty-supporting member of the House of Representatives; some other members in the Top Dozen were clustered closely enough in score that it is uncertain in what order they should actually be ranked.

The Need Improvement - those members who most consistently voted to limit freedom - were (in order) Representatives Bagby, Slater and White (tied for 12th worst), Esquibel, Berger, Lubnau, Brown, Osborn, Hastert, Hammons, Harvey, and in last place, Jane Warren. Representative Warren has earned the title of "Most Liberty-Hostile Member of the House", but Hammons and Harvey were very close behind her.

The Top Half-Dozen liberty-supporting members in the Senate were (in order) Senators Case, Mockler, Hines, Ross, Hanes, and Burns (a repeat performance for all but Ross, from last year). For the third year running (as long as we have been rating the Senate), Senator Cale Case is shown to be the most liberty-supporting member of the Senate by a very large margin. Kudos to Senator Case!

The Senate Need Improvement - those members who most consistently voted to limit freedom - were (in order) Senators Jennings, Peck, Barrasso, Cooper, Boggs, and Aullman. Senator Pat Aullman has earned the title of "Most Liberty-Hostile Member of the Senate", but Senator Boggs - ranked most liberty-hostile in 2005 - is close behind her.

In the charts below, where more than one member shows the same rank, it means of course that they tied in score. Legislators shown in pink are those who voted against HB78 (that is, they believe citizens should have to get permission from government to defend their families). This particular vote is singled out because it is such a strong indicator of a legislator's views on freedom.

The 2006 Wyoming House Index

The most liberty-supporting legislators are at the top of the table.

NamePartyDistrictDistrict LocationRank
Burke Jackson R 52 Campbell 1
Jack Landon Jr. R 30 Sheridan 2
Kurt S. Bucholz R 47 Carbon/Albany 3
Alan Jones R 25 Park 4
Doug Samuelson R 7 Laramie 4
Bob Brechtel R 38 Natrona 6
Wayne Reese D 11 Laramie 6
Monte Olsen R 22 Lincoln/Sublette/Teton 8
David Miller R 55 Fremont 9
Mark Semlek R 1 Crook/Weston 10
Mary Meyer Gilmore D 59 Natrona 10
Erin Mercer R 53 Campbell 12
Pete Illoway R 42 Laramie 13
Randall B. Luthi R 21 Lincoln 13
Stephen Watt R 17 Sweetwater 15
Rodney "Pete" Anderson R 10 Laramie 16
Deborah Alden R 3 Converse/Platte 17
Ross Diercks D 2 Niobrara/Weston/Converse/Goshen 17
Roy Cohee R 35 Natrona 19
Lorraine Quarberg R 28 S. Big Horn/Hot Springs/SE Park 20
Frank Philp R 34 Fremont 21
Steve Harshman R 37 Natrona 22
Becket Hinckley R 41 Laramie 23
Charles P. "Pat" Childers R 50 Park 23
James C. Hageman R 5 Goshen/Platte 25
Pete Jorgensen D 16 Teton 25
Owen Petersen R 19 Uinta 27
Edward A. Buchanan R 4 Goshen 28
Jeff Wasserburger R 32 Campbell 28
Colin M. Simpson R 24 Park 30
Keith Gingery R 23 Fremont/Teton 30
Layton Morgan D 12 Laramie 32
Dan Zwonitzer R 43 Laramie 33
Thomas A. Lockhart R 57 Natrona 34
Bryan Pedersen R 9 Laramie 35
Ann Robinson D 58 Natrona 36
Bruce Barnard R 49 Uinta 37
Gerald Gay R 36 Natrona 37
Kathy Davison R 20 Lincoln/Sublette/Sweetwater 37
Mick Powers R 18 Uinta/Sweetwater 40
W. Patrick Goggles D 33 Fremont 40
Del McOmie R 54 Fremont 42
Larry Meuli R 8 Laramie 42
Jerry Iekel R 29 Sheridan 44
Tom Walsh R 56 Natrona 45
Bill Thompson D 60 Sweetwater 46
Dave Edwards R 6 Converse 47
Marty Martin D 48 SW Fremont/Sweetwater 47
George Bagby D 15 Carbon 49
Jim Slater R 46 Albany 49
Kevin A. White R 45 Albany 49
Floyd A. Esquibel D 44 Laramie 52
Rosie Berger R 51 Sheridan 53
Thomas E. Lubnau II R 31 Campbell 53
Kermit C. Brown R 14 Albany 55
Douglas D. Osborn R 40 Johnson/Sheridan 56
John M. Hastert D 39 Sweetwater 57
Debbie Hammons D 27 Washakie 58
Elaine Harvey R 26 Big Horn/Park 58
Jane Warren D 13 Albany 60

The 2006 Wyoming Senate Index

The most liberty-supporting legislators are at the top of the table.

NamePartyDistrictDistrict LocationRank
Cale Case R 25 Fremont 1
E. Jayne Mockler D 8 Laramie 2
John Hines R 23 Campbell 3
Tony Ross R 4 Laramie 4
John Hanes R 5 Laramie 5
Bruce Burns R 21 Sheridan 6
Curt Meier R 3 Goshen/Platte 6
Bill Vasey D 11 Albany/Carbon 8
John Schiffer R 22 Sheridan/Johnson 9
Phil Nicholas R 10 Albany 10
Rae Lynn Job D 12 Sweetwater/Fremont 11
Grant C. Larson R 17 Teton/Fremont 12
Ken Decaria D 15 Uinta 13
Michael Von Flatern R 24 Campbell 13
Gerald E. Geis R 20 S Big Horn/Hot Springs/SE Park/Washakie 15
Mike Massie D 9 Albany 16
Jim Anderson R 2 Converse/Platte 17
Ray Peterson R 19 Big Horn/E Park 18
Kathryn Sessions D 7 Laramie 19
Wayne H. Johnson R 6 Laramie 19
Bill Hawks R 29 Natrona 21
Henry H. R. "Hank" Coe R 18 Park 21
Charles K. Scott R 30 Natrona 23
Charles Townsend R 1 Crook/Weston/E Converse/Niobrara/NE Goshen 23
Kit Jennings R 28 Natrona 25
Robert A. Peck R 26 Fremont 26
John Barrasso R 27 Natrona 27
Stan Cooper R 14 Lincoln/Sublette/Sweetwater/Uinta 27
Tex Boggs D 13 Sweetwater 29
Pat Aullman R 16 Lincoln/Sublette/Teton 30